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[quote=Now this bassist is not the half mad crazy a*** rebel like he portrays as an RHCP member onstage .... I saw this guy to be very down to earth, has been influenced by very deep musicians, [/QUOTE]

i dont know about the crazy i have read scar tissue by anthony kiedis and anthony is crazy and the reason (he claims) him and flea got along so well was because he was up for all this crazy stuff too. He is still a down to earth guy and jazz played a big influence on him - he used to play the trumpet and learnt bass from Hillel (RHCP's first guitarist)

ANYWAY enough fo a history lesson

like everyone has said he is a great drummer with great energy and fits the chili peppers perfectly. BSSM has to be one of their best albums in my opinion - not a huge fan of their new stuff but i think the bass and drum combo flea and chad have is what sparks up alot of their new poppy songs
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