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Default Re: best situation for practice?

Originally Posted by Guillermo
Ok... so I was thinking, some guys like having their drums in their room... others like to have them on a room or garage outside their house... others prfer to have their kit on a rehearsal room or studio of their band... wich is your preferred setup, either that you have or wish?

In my case, I am so lucky, ha, ha, ha... after YEARS of not being able to play at home, at my job, one of the important aspects for my "drafting" was my own, exclusive room for drums, right at the office... two doors from mine... Man... it is great I have 2 acoustic sets there ALL THE TIME... ha, ha, ha... can't complain.
I am fortunate in that I have a set here at my house, in my practice room. (I cut my garage in half, insulated it, fixed it up and gave myself a 13X16 practice room) I also have a 6 piece ddrum set at church, my guitarist has a 5 piece slingerland set at his house and my other guitarist has a 5 piece tama set at his house. So I'm covered wherever there is practice.

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