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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

I have a funny way of practising. Sometimes when I either can't go down to my practising shed because my brother is practising guitar or because my neighbours are feeling particularly inhospitable (long words lol) I go to Anderton's music store in Guildford and try out the electric drums, because they are so lax they'll let you spend an hour there if you really want, and they have the roland v-drums, which are great. Outdated pic of the store:

I also went all the way to southampton today, because my parents had a day off work and wanted to go shopping. Southampton, by the way, sounds like far but they have the best shops lol! I went to Sound Control and spent a while on the huge v-drum kit. This one:

Eventually the staff at Anderton's will get to know me as the 'funny little feller who comes in here and spends 'alf and hour on the ol' rolands.'
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