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Originally Posted by welshsteve
Hello again,

Yeah, I know what you mean with the riding on the crash, and I also do it occasionally. I think with AVH the thing I don't like is when he does it, he does it with a HUGE Paiste Crash (probably a 2002 or something that doesn't "envelope" when hit like a Zildjian) and with no quater-note dynamics. Thus all that can be heard that that "WSSSSSHHHH" with the kick and snare underneath. As I said, it's a picky point.

I love Bissonette's general playing on Hot For Teacher from that tribute album, especially the ghost notes on the snare, I just didn't like his adaptation of the into so much, AVH has that over him of nothing else. Just my opionion.

I like to ride on a med Zildjian crash personaly. It just is another option for me.

I always start the song on toms and then add the double bass. Gregg starts it w/both at the same time. Then he comes into the beat w/two accents where Alex just hit a crash.

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