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Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin
I have always thought it was done w/no help from anything else. Then w/all the talk I thought maybe I was wrong.
I have played Hot for Teacher in clubs many times and I think I get it about 85% the same.
Gregg is my favorite drummer w/Alex a close third. He deffinatly plays it different. Keep in mind that on the tribute album every song was done in each persons personal style. Not note for note copies. Gregg did ghost notes on the snare which Alex never did

BTW, I actually ride on my crash because of Alex. To me it gives something different then a ride bell or hi-hats. Depends on the crash also. Try it. You may like it.
Hello again,

Yeah, I know what you mean with the riding on the crash, and I also do it occasionally. I think with AVH the thing I don't like is when he does it, he does it with a HUGE Paiste Crash (probably a 2002 or something that doesn't "envelope" when hit like a Zildjian) and with no quater-note dynamics. Thus all that can be heard that that "WSSSSSHHHH" with the kick and snare underneath. As I said, it's a picky point.

I love Bissonette's general playing on Hot For Teacher from that tribute album, especially the ghost notes on the snare, I just didn't like his adaptation of the into so much, AVH has that over him of nothing else. Just my opionion.

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