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I love this forum! This is the only forum on the internet (yes, I've checked them all, hehe) that can have an intelligent discussion about Mr. Barker without a huge fight breaking out.

My opinion is that his playing style is difficult to play, yet highly annoying. Other bands and drummers play difficult parts with music that can be slightly-to-extremely annoying, but I like them (Rush, Chic Corea Elektric Band, Cobham, Steely Dan, Dream Theater). The drumming in these bands is so amazingly talented and difficult, that it makes it easy to look past whatever annoyance the rest of the music brings (Rush's vocals, Corea/Cobham/Steely Dan dated 70s sound, Dream Theater's pretentious difficult-just-because music). The same can't be said for Blink-182. He obviously doesn't suck, but his taste is far different than mine and much different than the legends like Gadd and Coliauta.

I've also noted on more than just a couple of songs, Blink 182 has real problems with their tempo. It may be intentional by the producer, but I'm never a fan of studio music that has obvious tempo variations.

His videos on drummerworld are the worst examples of good drumming of all the ones Bernhard has posted. Everytime someone says how 'awesome' Travis Barker is, I ask for some sort of amazing footage (such as that new Benny Greb guy), but nobody can come up with anything. Every video I've seen is just him playing semi-fast 16th notes, marching drum style, with lots of flashing lights. He is much better than that on some of the Blink-182 recordings, but again, he plays stuff just to play stuff, and it gets annoying.

Thanks for the mature discussion on this topic, and lets hope all the "Travis Barker RULZ!" crowd stays away from this thread.

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