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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Wow Garvin, my friend's dad had Habib and his band over for dinner last night and I went and hung out. They're a pretty awesome crew, I must say. The music they put on was pretty amazing. I'm just mad I didn't get to see them play in person, and that I don't speak french. The percussionist only spoke french but when one of his friends said I was a drummer he seemed really and started playing these beautiful polyrhythm things on the tabletop with his hands. I am a white, westernized drumset player, and I was(not surprisingly) awestruck. I know that's kind of a generic story, but it was SWEET. He's playing in SF a few times this week, I'm gonna try and go see him.

Anyway, one thing I must say Phil-I just watched you're entire presentation to the Meinl festival on your youtube thing, and I must say I found it very inspirational. You are a very good clinician and teacher and I'm buying your damn book. :)
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