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Catch the reunion video they made. From what I read, they were so pissed off at each other after a handful of dates, that it made the concert smokin' hot from all the anger-energy. And Stewart was a mother.

I wish I thought of Synchronicity in that other thread of "really good drumming albums". It's a fine piece of drumming. The two Synchronicity tunes, Murder by Numbers (one-two-three-FOUR-five-six), Wrapped Around Your Finger (which made everyone run out and get splash cymbals), and just a great album in terms of some nice reggae grooves. Still one of my favorites.

Originally Posted by Chano
I also find this very unlikely, but if for some reason or another it really was Copeland she saw, she's very lucky i think! I would have loved to see that guy in action with the Police. I really admire his unique and very very musical way to play the drums...
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