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Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer
WHY PAY 30,000!! Man if I had that money, I'd buy 3 kits (Yamaha Maple Custom, Yamaha Birch Custom, Yamaha Beech Custom :D) and buy a shite load of cymbals. WOAH WAIT A MINUTE! I just saw that he's throwin in a free pair of sticks....that's a damn good deal...gimme a break!
Yea, but there's only gonna be 30 of these kits in the world. Anybody can buy those Yamahas! Not so with these comemmorative DW's! Oh, I take it that you are a Yamaha
fan, huh? I personally prefer drums that are manufactured by the companies who "exclusively" make drums and drum accessories. DW, Tama, Ludwig, Pearl, to name a few. Yamaha makes ALL kinds of equipment. ie...stereos, speakers, keyboards, and other "non" percussive stuff. Not saying that Yamahas' line of percussion is "bad", I just
prefer the companies that concentrate "just" on drums, drum accessories and percussion equipment. Peace!
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