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Default What a great day (Stanton Moore and new hats inside)!

Well, today has been quite a day for somedrummer.

Between classes he was able to make it down to his local music shop to buy a drumhead for Stanton Moore to potentially sign. On the way, he stopped in at his favorite pawn shop. He noticed a pair of hi hats marked $75. Well, he wasn't sure whether he wanted them or not, so he proceeded downt o the music store, found the head which he wanted (12" Coated Ambassador), and started on his way back. But before he got far, he realized that he should really go buy those 13" Paiste Dimensions Light Hats for $70!!! So he went to the bank, cashed a check, and went into that pawn shop and bought those hats.

Then he went back to school, sat around for a few moments whilst waiting for class to start, and once it was over, proceeded to sit in for the Jazz Ensemble rehearsal. He let the drummer use his new hats, and he was very impressed. Afterwards, somedrummer rehearsed with his jazz combo, and everything sounded quite good.

Soon after he finished with this, somedrummer had to make his way to his trumpet player's car so as to drop of his new cymbals at his car. Now, on the way to the car, somedrummer happened to spy a gigantic RV, with some funny-looking Louisianans. These just happened to be the members of the band Galactic, which somedrummer was planning to see that very night! So somedrummer got out his head which he had bought earlier that day, shook Stanton's hand, and asked him if he would sign a drumhead for somedrummer. And he did! (Pics will be posted when somedrummer has the means).

Now, somedrummer was a bit starstruck all the way up until the concert actually began. He dropped off his new treasures in his car, and proceeded to be the first one into the concert, which only less than 200 attended. He got to stand right in front, with a perfect view of Mr. Moore's hands and his 26" bass drum. He was quite amazed by Mr. Moore's ability, and his sheer power to groove! So, between sets, Mr. Moore came out to sign autographs, and somedrummer of course obliged and bought a CD, which he also had Mr. Moore sign. Somedrummer chatted with Mr. Moore about a mindblowing fill that he had used, which somedrummer could not quite make sense of. Well, neither could Mr. Moore, as he had trouble explaining it himself!

So, somedrummer proceeded to be rocked by a great 4 hours of music. And at the end, his friend who worked backstage passed him a set list of the whole show, with every song marked off.

What a great day.
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