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Default Re: My Kit Updated!

Originally Posted by LexHitReset
dude, how's the jimmy chamberlin snare?!?!

i've been dying to know. i wonder if it's kept up to his yamaha snares before.

also the fade on the kit is really nice. but can i ask why you have a pillow/blanket in your BD when you already have an emad on it? unless you like it extremely muffled and dead, i'd let that raw bass drum power come thru.

cool kit bro.
Thanx for comment mate! I'll try to toss the pillows :-) The Jimmy snare sounds amazing with a Genera Dry!!! So amazing when tuned high! I've had 2 yamaha steel snares in the past, but this one is so more nicer. Aluminium is the way to go! :-D
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