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Not saying it's not true, but unlikely. I think that with the break up of the Police for the 2nd time in the mid 80s, they were done with each other.

She saw probably Omar Hakin, Vinnie Colaiuta or Manu Katche. It's pretty easy to figure out which one is Vinnie as he's the only caucasian of the group. Vinnie was his main drummer up until the last few years.

Not saying Copeland isn't a great player. Murder by Numbers, great drumming as is the whole Syncronicity relase.

A side note: Go look at some of the pictures on early Police albums. See if you can read what's on Copeland's drum heads. :D

Originally Posted by HurdyGurdyMan
My moms friend said she went to go see Sting one time and she said it was the drummer from The Police and said he played a fantastic drum solo.She said it was the best part of the show.
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