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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
At least he posted Greg Bissonette!

And for Alex...ehh, nothing special. I particularly hate his custom drum era (the ones he built himself) because they sounded awful. His snare drum has to be one of the most annoying ever (exception, I forget the title, but "baby come on? come on baby finish what you started?). Cool snare part.

Hot for Teacher...ughh, not this argument again. Get a simmons pad, program it for that bass drum sound, play the opening pattern twice, then set the digital delay, then go into the double bass drum part. Its really not that hard.

There's been many argument about this. but as for sampling a billy cobham lick and triggering it on a simmons pad, I doubt that for two reasons. Firstly, you can hear his stick click together on the into (ok, might have been picked up on the over heads but if you are tirggering, one stick is enough) there's a fill later that is almost the same as the intro, so I would say that it was the sound of his dampened 16" Roto tom. He didn't start using Simmons until the 5150 period. Also, I have seen a a couple of bootlegs of them from that tour, and although the intro wasn't note for note to the ablum, it was 90% along the same lines on both. I'd say he played it and no messing.

If you listen carefully, you can hear a grace note the high tom part in a broken triplet formation. If you think playing all that is easy, then you are mistaken or exeptional as a drummer. Then in that case, the black page, Vinnie's licks at the end of "7 days" any Mike Portnoy fill must be just a breeze to you?

Listen to the Great Gregg Bissonette TRY and copy it off the Van Halen Tribute and David Lee Roth Skyscraper tours. My opinion? Nice try Greg!

Though I love Greg Bissonette too! A different Class to Alex Van Halen in that he's more accomplished and a hell of a lot more subtle. Alex is nore BASH BASH BASH THWOLLOP, sort of thing!

Van Halen brought some great licks to the forefront of rock drumming, even some stuff on the first Album was typical of drummer's licks from later on. Like his brother, quite ahead of his time.

My only criticism, too much cymbals! Riding on a 20" crash just makes a noise. A picky point I know.

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