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I've been following Apt. Q since '92 with Aquarium Rescue Unit. The guy is an absolute monster! Get the first ARU album - Live at the Georgia Theatre. I think i's the most representative of his playing. I'm fortunate to have some Hellborg, Lane, Sipe shows that also abundantly showcase his talent.

His chops are unbelievable - his playing makes you want to jump out of your skin. He can groove the hell out of a pocket but unleash him on a fast pace shuffle and look out. He'll take your f*^ckin head off. He's the first drummer I listened to where I said, this guy can't top what he just played, and he does, again and again.

I can't believe Jeff hasn't had more coverage for his drumming - just a two page feature in Modern Drummer about 4-5 years ago. He's played with a lot of quality jam bands: ARU, Leftover Salmon, Jazz is Dead, and now Trey Anastasio. TREY!! He totally deserves this gig. And he totally deserves his own page on Drummersworld.
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