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Default My Kit Updated!

I've added some more stuff (Cymbals, Heads and so on...) to the kit this week so here u go!! :-)

The Kit :
Pacific LX (Maple)
22", 10", 12", 14" and 16" (On Order)
Royal-Regal fade.
Ask for more info.

The snares :
Stock LX snare.
Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin snare.
Pearl Omar Hakim snare.
Tama alu piccolo.
Ask for more info.

Cymbals :
Sabian AAX Stage Hats (14")
Sabian AAX Stage Ride (21")
Sabian AAX Studio Crash (16")
Sabian AAXplotion Crash (18")
Sabian AAX Splash (10") (Not in pic due to polishing)
Sabian AA Fast China (18")
Sabian HHX Stage Ride (20")
Paiste Signature Splash (10")
Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash (16")

Hardware :
Mixed crappy hardware... :-P
A DW 7000 double pedal ++

Heads :
Evans G1 on reso toms + snare
Evans G2 on batter
Evans Genera dry on batter snare
Evans EMAD on bass

pics ::

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