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Originally Posted by shuffle
I'm just getting to know him, I usually don't like buying live stuff, and it seems that DMB has almost more live than studio albums.

Here is a small sample that I find great. It could have sounded so out of place and messy, but he makes it sound just perfect and groovy. I'll buy more. What should I get ?
DMB's live stuff is amazing. Much better than the studio stuff.

The Central Park Concert is my favorite. You can get a 6-dics package from "The Gorge" which is just alot of music, and alot of amazing drumming. Live At Folsom Field, Listener Supported and Live In Chicago are three other great CDs/DVDs from DMB.

As I said previously, I have every DMB CD released, as well as some live concerts that I downloaded using torrents (DMB lets you record their concerts and trade them on the internet).

I went to a DMB concert last year and again this year, and was able to download the concerts and now have them to myself. It's great to listen back to the stuff you heard live. Just incredible playing. I reccommend anything on which Carter Beauford is playing.
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