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Default Re: More experience as a drummer, less muffling of the kit..what does that tell us?

Originally Posted by cdrums21
Synthetik, I don't really understand your comments about acrylics and yamaha RC's and all that stuff. I know what you're getting at about the studio sound, but the point is being lost. It's simply this.....there have been recordings made without the use of muffling. That's a fact. It may not be the norm, but a fact none the less. Many, many drummers play their kits wide open in live situations. Many are adamant about not using any muffling in live situations. I've seen it first hand working as a tech. That's it.


Your points were TOTALLY lost (99% eh?) when Bermuda chimed in. You should admit you were gravely wrong in most ways and move on. "There have been recordings made without muffling" is a LONG, LONG way from 99%. The reason I asked Bermuda here is so that a professional with a vast amount of real experiance could shed light , not heat on this topic. I trust his experianced, factual expert input, not your (backpeddling) speculation.

In case you missed (zing) the reference: a kit like a Yamaha RC, designed for the studio (eq) sound, would not likely need as much muffling as a brittle, live sounding acrylic kit. And a DW collectors kit would likely need a lot more taming than a Gretsch kit. And again, the sound they are after (the engineers want) is the goal, not the type or amount of drum or muffling.
Dude, can you freakin' read? The 99% part is pertainig to live work, not studio. And of the 10 pros that I personally know or have talked with, 9 of them play LIVE without muffling toms or snare, so I guess that's 90% if you want to get freakin' technical. I understand completely what you are sarcastically zinging me about with the yamaha rc's and the brittleness of the acrylic kit and all that stuff. No "zing" needed. Maybe the RC would need as much muffling as an acrylic kit in a particular situation and maybe not. It's whatever the situation calls for. That's not the point. The simple point that you don't seem to be getting, and what my original post you began to bash is referring to, is that there are alot of recordings done with no muffling. You disputed that and you are wrong. There are many drummers who play live with no muffling and no internal muffling devices. You disputed that as well and you are wrong.

For whatever reason, you have become agressive and disrespectful towards me in your posts and I don't appreciate it. If I was wrong about what I wrote, I would gladly admit it and apologize for my mistake and misleading comments. However, that is not the case. You have made the comments, and I quote, "Almost all pros use some form of muffling in the studio and live. They often use internal damping that is not visible on videos." That is speculation that is backed up by nothing on your part. My comments were based on fact, straight from the mouths of some very famous professionals. I'm not commenting anymore on this subject. I think that those who are reading this banter between you and I can figure out what is fact and what is speculation.

And to Stu Strib and Finnhiggins, thank you for your support, it means alot :o) I'm sorry to have participated in such a mean spirited post exchange...shame on me.
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