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Default Re: Pics of drums/music to hang on my wall

Hey everybody - so many good comment!! :)

@Drum monkey
The idea to buy a magazine, it can only be in a small size right? If it's poster size then it would have to be folded, and that's not good...

Good idea - i'll try that as well:)

Can you post small samples of them here? So my inbox wont explode;)

@Photographer Karl
REALLY NICE PICS!!!!!! I like the idea with the K custom, but it looks like there a flash just below the K, and i dont think that looks so good. Maybe i could get you to experiment with some different lighting? Of the kit-pics i really like nr 2 and 3. What's that in the background of nr 3 - it looks like a brick wall on a slope?
Did you think about making the pics in "old jazz times";)
Are you going to take more pics?
And THX!! :)

@Quadruple Groove
LOL! It's a good thing that gasolin fighting is not an accident-prone sport!!!
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