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Default Re: More experience as a drummer, less muffling of the kit..what does that tell us?

Bermuda, you have made some very good points and your post was well written and respected. If you read my posts, I'm not disputing anything you say. I didn't say every recording is done with wide open toms and snares, I'm saying that alot of them are that I know of and alot of pro drummers play their kits live wide open. If you read my post carefully, that's what the 99% comment pertains to, live work, not studio, and 99% just meant alot..I didn't mean for it to be taken literally. When reading articles about certain drummers or conversing via email with them, they have stated that certain recordings were done "wide open" to get a certain sound, but certainly not all recordings. Take Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot. He said the song "Cum on feel the noise" was recorded with a vintage 3 ply Ludwig kit "Bonham sizes", tuned and recorded completely wide open. You hear how the drums sound on that song. Processing and miking techniques, whatever was done makes the drums sound great for that song, but they might not sound good in another situation.

Synthetik, I don't really understand your comments about acrylics and yamaha RC's and all that stuff. I know what you're getting at about the studio sound, but the point is being lost. It's simply this.....there have been recordings made without the use of muffling. That's a fact. It may not be the norm, but a fact none the less. Many, many drummers play their kits wide open in live situations. Many are adamant about not using any muffling in live situations. I've seen it first hand working as a tech. That's it.

As Bermuda said, he usually uses some form of muffling on his kit for recording and doesn't know of many cases where some form of muffling hasn't been used. I'm sure that is the case. I agree that whatever the song or music calls for is what should be done...whatever works. That's one of the keys to being a working session drummer. I'm just saying that sound is subjective, there is no right or wrong, and that wide open, unmuffled drums are recorded and played live with great success.....Seacrest..out!
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