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Default Re: More experience as a drummer, less muffling of the kit..what does that tell us?

wow, people really are passionate about this, huh?

Anyway, I think that when talking about recording, we also should consier the recent rise of home recording. -not making demos with a 4-track, but honest-to-album home recording.
Sometimes in this situation, you might have nice drums, mics and recording equipment -maybe even a pretty knowledgable recording engineer if you're lucky, but you've only got the room that you've got and some rooms just don't record drums all that well, so it becomes a bit of a struggle. I've had a few in-home recording expreinces like this and, despite the fact that I prefer the way my drums sound open in most cases when I'm by myself, they just didn't track well that way. Someone's living room might really accentuate unfavorable frequencies (not always ring, or high frequencies either) even if the drums sound great just standing in the room, or from behind the drumset with no muffling. If you've only got a weekend and no other rooms to work with, it's like Billy Ward says: you've got to be a marine: improvise, adapt, and overcome. Excepting the live tracks, The songs linked to in my signature file were all done in a home studio(s). Some were in a basement, some were in a living room with all the furniture pushed to the side, that sort of stuff. Sometimes I had to muffle, sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I had to take the front head off the bass drum. It's all about the circumstances. If putfile is in a cooperative mood, you can hear what kind of results I got. They're not all great, but sometimes you've just got to work with the best that you can get in that circumstance. my playing, on the other hand ...well ...home studio's no excuse for that, hahaha...

Also, thanks for responding to synthetik like that, bermuda! That's very cool that you took the time to contribute and share all you experience on this one!
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