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Default Re: More experience as a drummer, less muffling of the kit..what does that tell us?

Originally Posted by cdrums21
As far as you stating that I personally knew Neil Peart, John Bonham, etc., come on dude...if you go back and read the post, you will see that I said 10 drummers that I personally know, AND OTHERS LIKE, meaning that I obviously don't know them personally but was merely referencing them as other drummers who have either stated they don't use muffling or have been filmed playing wide open kits. And last but not least, 99% is just a rhetorical number, not an exact one. get the picture?
No see, you are trying to support your post with speculation and assumptions. If the "no muffling" were the case, they why are people reluctant to go to the studio with just any kit, and especially not acrylic? Because some kits are too "live" sounding and they like a controlled sound. This is why kits like the yamaha RC exist. That's why pinstripes and ec2's exist. To achieve "that studio sound" which is not as resonant as possible. Even Bonzo's kit had a felt strip on the kick.

I am sure that some recordings are made with single ply heads tuned just right and not a spot of muffling anywhere...but I really doubt that's the rule and not the exception.

Here is a novel idea: I'd like to ask a pro like Bermuda to chime in here and I'll go with whatever he has to say. That should end the speculation one way or the other. If I am wrong, I am wrong.
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