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Default Re: More experience as a drummer, less muffling of the kit..what does that tell us?

Originally Posted by Synthetik
I don't beleiev anyone records in a studio without some kind of muffling. Damping the head doesn't necessarily dampen the shell. Sound engineers often lament an overly "live" sounding kit.

" I highly doubt that there are internal muffling devices. "

Again, without evidence you are speculating. And I didn't realize that you personally knew Neil Peart, John Bonham, Eddie Bayers, Kenny Aronoff and were present at all of thier recording sessions.

99%? where did you get that statistic?
You obviously misread my post. I'll guarantee you that many recordings are made with no muffling on the kit whatsoever, aside from the kick drum. I am a session drummer and I record just about all the time without any muffling. As far as them not having internal muffling devices, it's not speculation, it's fact. The drummers that I personally know, Eddie Bayers, Owen Hale and some other top Nashville session drummers use no muffling whatsoever on many of their recordings and have no internal muffling devices whatsoever. In corresponding with Anton Fig, Frankie Banali and Tommy Aldrich via email several times, I can tell you that they too related that their recordings and live work are mostly done wide open with no muffling at all. In the case of Frankie Banali, sometimes not even the kick drum.

As far as you stating that I personally knew Neil Peart, John Bonham, etc., come on dude...if you go back and read the post, you will see that I said 10 drummers that I personally know, AND OTHERS LIKE, meaning that I obviously don't know them personally but was merely referencing them as other drummers who have either stated they don't use muffling or have been filmed playing wide open kits. And last but not least, 99% is just a rhetorical number, not an exact one. get the picture?
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