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Default Re: More experience as a drummer, less muffling of the kit..what does that tell us?

Now why would we be laughing? EVERYBODY was doing this because this was the sound coming out of the studios.

Let me help you out a little. What you should have been doing was buying 4x4guaze pads and duct tape. What you did was either cut them in half or fold them in half (for maximum thud) and duct tape them to the head. It really sounded cool with my Ludwig silver-dots.

And then we discovered those blue Evans hydraulics.

Originally Posted by Sparkletone
When I first started out back in the 80s, I had (...prepare to laugh) folded up paper towels taped to each drum head on my kit—yikes. My drum teacher had showed me this, and so I thought that's what everyone did and how drums should sound.
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