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Originally Posted by loutopdrummer

2ndly the 2 difereces about john bon and keith moon
jhon bonham had the fastest foot on the planet and fast hands and he was very very thecnical
moon was fast as buggery and his fills where amazingly briliand need proof go on this and you will see
If you want my opinion, the video actually illustrates that there are quite a few other differences between Bonzo and Keith Moon

Anyways that second video is quite funny to watch. I've read about those big endings where they would destroy everything, but never had the chance to see it.

I also read something from Neil Peart, explaining that Keith Moon was his idol for a long time, but that he eventually found out that he just wasn't able to play like him, because it was too disorganised. Just didn't fit his personnality.

Not my cup of tea either, but Moon was certainly one of a kind.
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