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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

Originally Posted by sloppyjoe
I ewanted to play cuase in 7th grade trumpet sucked. So I got into percussion and at the end of 8th I got my first set. 2years later still usein it but sounds a lot better.

If I don't play my drums for over 2 days I get really sad. Any one else?
Hey I feel you sloppy joe it gets so bad for me that I just play air drums. see me and my wife just moved to warner robins georgia and my drums are in storage, but I take my sticks everywhere I go. when i'm home i just watch drum dvds or dave matthews concerts and play along with carter. hey man if you're interested in talking about some drum stuff man or lady my email address is If not no worries I'm just desperate to be around fellow musicians.
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