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Default Re: Jimmy Chamberlin

...yeah, finn, I also saw him (in philadelphia) just a few weeks before that all went down. I think they had some technical problems during that show, but they were really good none the less.

Anyway, another thing I always thought was cool was the unconventional tom setup he used.

I messed with that and similar stuff before I moved on to primarily a 4pc drumset and you can do some neat things -especially in terms of splitting the hands on fills.

One cool, very JC gish-esque fill that utilizes this setup is a quick, 16th note descending, one-hit-per-drum fill. His setup of (going from left to right) largest rack tom, smallest rack tom, medium rack tom, floor tom ...etc makes this type of fill all alternating strokes and more easy to play smoothly at fast tempos with a sticking of: flam (-snare) L(Small tom -middle position) R(medium tom -far right) L(Largest mounted tom -far left) R(Crash cymbal/bass drum).

He did a lot of variations of this too -it's fun suff!
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