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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Thanks, eyeofthebeholder and atomicsoy (great handle by the way).

l live in Boise, Idaho, around 12,000 miles away from Austrailia I figure (I recall checking it on Google Earth). This set was made from an approximately 350-year-old tree. It probably started as a sucker around 1650.

The six-piece shell pack and snare was about $5,300, which is what you'd expect to pay for a high-end custom drum set.

I read about Spirit drums in the Oct. 2000 edition of Modern Drummer and I made it my goal to get a set before I died. I like unusual and fine things and the Spirits definitely have a magical, thunderous, authoritative, rich primitive sound that cannot be duplicated. I also like the exclusivity - only about a dozen of these highly exotic kits have ever been made, although there are a fair number of snares in circulation. I also hear they made djembes and congas as well. Flutemakers and luthiers also prize ironwood for its acoustical properties. It's three times as dense as maple and sinks in water. Unfortunately, in Australia, it's often use for mindless applications like fence posts and railroad ties, but it's poisonous to cattle and must be cleared from some areas anyway.

The wood is almost indestructible - I was mounting one of the heavy toms and the ball joint slipped, causing it to crash down on the bass drum. There was no scratch at all in the drum and a very slight bend inward on the steel rim flange. Serious attitude!

Someday, I will get a set of Spizzichino cymbals.
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