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Originally Posted by meshuggah1324
Having been a Meshuggah fan since 2000, I can say without a doubt that it's not a matter of if Tomas Haake could have recorded the drums live on Catch 33. He can play all the drums on Catch 33 with no problem. It's just that Catch 33 was more of an expirimental album in the sense that it pretty much just flows for 40 minutes. So it made sense to program the drums so he didn't have to learn all of that. The fact that they don't play but 10 minutes or so from it also plays a factor.

It is the only Meshuggah album that has programed drums and I would guess it's the last. Or at least their next full length album will not have programed drums. It'll be Haake live in the studio again.
Agreed. But doesn't "War" from Rare Trax have programmed drums too? Heh..

I assume you're the same mesh1324 from the Meshuggah forums?
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