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Originally Posted by Gil_drummer
I'll admit, even though I despise Slipknot, that Joey is a good drummer. Not the best drummer in metal, but a good drummer. Though he is not the most creative drummer, I still give him credit for developing his speed to that degree. It does take patience to develop speed, and as long as his drumming complements the music being played, I see no problem. Personally, I enjoy drummers such as Dave Lombardo and Martin Lopez, but Joey does deserve respect.
I agree.

Though i do think he is creative with his solo. So many people on this thread Dont rate Joey due to so called 'crowd pleasing' solo's. What an absolute joke that is, seriously.

When you listen to the solo from 9.0 for example, joey is stopping and starting the kicks at such a fast speed, as well as doing crazy chops ect on the tomms. I listen to it completely stunned sometimes trying to figure out what he is doing.

best drummer in metal, of cource not. But not liking a drummer due to these 'crowd pleasing' solo's is rediculas.
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