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Originally Posted by timebandit
I think I heard somewhere it was going to be $30,000 to comemorate the thirtieth anniversary of Rush.
Hey bandit,

Just went to Guitar Centers' website. Can you let me know where it says that the
Neil Peart 30th Anniversary Commemorative DW Drumkit is going to cost $30,000? Where did you come up with that figure? You got an inside "scoop" on that information?
I'm just curious about that, because it sounds like you just made that up about the kit costing $30,000 to co-inside with the 30 year anniversary of Rush. I think the kit is
gonna cost more than that. They are only making 30 of them. That is what's linking this. One kit for every year of Rush. Not the cost of each kit. Please let me know. Thanks! ;-)

P.S. The cymbals ALONE are gonna cost thousands!
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