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Default Tama Superstar in Copper mist metallic : )

New set-up pics in post #18 : )

okay ppl, I finally bought one!

You like? or no? Tell me : )

Tama Superstar in Copper mist metallic

12x9 Tom
13x10 Tom
16x16 Tom
2x18 Bass Drum

14x4.5 Mahogany Craviotto Snare

16 ZBT Crash
14 ZHT Fast Crash
20 ZBT Ride
14 ZBT Hi Hats
10 ZXT Flash Splash

All tama 7 series hardware except Pearl snare stand, yamaha boom cymbal stand and Peace boom arm and clamp

Tama HP200 Double pedal
Tama HP200 Hi Hat stand

Vater 7A Manhattan Sticks
Ahead JJ sig sticks (not pictured)
Uni Grip brushes
Hot Rods (Not mine, are my cousins, am borrowing to check em out)

All stock heads but am replacing in the near future...any suggestions while you're at it aswell I mainly play metal and heavy stuff but have a tendancy for jazz and funk?


My Kit

My Band

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