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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by HardcoreLogo
Very unique, looks like alot of fun to play.................sorry, you may have allready listed it, but what is that "mushroom" shaped cymbal beside your floor tom? Also, I believe the guitar is a fender Squire, which is an entry level "strat" copy, not like the pricey American strats(I play but none the less, a cool setup!
Man, ain't no foolin' you ... that is a low-end Strat copy, Mr. Sharp Eyes. It's just a guest guitar for a pick-up jam if someone comes over, so it works okay for that.

The mushroom cymbal is actually a melodic metal drum called a Hang Drum; see It's a newer instrument, invented around 200, a kind of steel pan drum turned outward to be played with the hands. There are many, many tunings and most people prefer a Chinese pentatonic scale, as it's the most versatile. This one is tuned to a Middle Eastern scaled called Hijaz in the key of D, which has more tension than pentatonic scale.

You can hear me play this drum at on a song called Kosmosis.
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