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Originally Posted by drsnazzy
My favorite work of his is when he backed up Michel Camilo on 1989's "On Fire" disc. He kills, and it made me want to understand that contemporary sound.

If you don't have that album, it's a must. Joel Rosenblatt and Smitty are on it, too, and it's excellent!
Have you also heard DW on the 1986 Michel Camilo Suntan CD? I think the drumming on that is even better. (Plus the drum sound micing/recording is more upfront as well.) Did you hear "Tombo in 7/4"? (It's a remake of Airto tune). The entire tune (including the solo) is in 7/4. I've listened, studied, dissected that particular piece more than 1000 times. Also, the 1993 Michel Camilo disc "Rendeveous" has a track called "As one". That entire tune is in 5/4 including the solo break! A lot of songs with odd time often only have the odd-meter for a few bars as a gimmick section and then they revert back to 4/4. It's hard to find tunes with odd-meter all the way through and be a quality song that's fun to listen to!

If folks want phenomenal examples of odd time playing, those 2 tracks are worthy of study. Both were done by the trio of Michel Camilo + Anthony Jackson + Dave Weckl.
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