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Man Dave Weckl expresses himself on the drums like no other. The only one even in contention is Vinnie Colaiuta. I can't believe people would say that Dave is predictable. The guy has such a grasp of his drumming vocabulary that he can say almost anything he wants. He has developed such an impeccable sense of dynamics that NO drummer i've heard can match. You wanna hear this guy swing. Also he has the decency to admit that he had to change his technical approach and contradict some of his earlier tutorials in DVDs etc. Not many people, nevermind drummers, would be man enough to do that.

I can't stress enough how musical Dave Weckl is. He Bridges the gap between Rock and Jazz for me. I mean if drummers actually listened to him they would hear how some things he plays have the force, conviction and OOOMPH! of anything from the rock idiom. And he does all this in the name of Jazz baby!

Dave, you're a legend. You speak to me and i hear everything you do man.

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