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Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer
It really irritates me when people, especially youngions who have no knowledge of drummin, say that Barker is the best drummer.
Rendezvous, I agree to some extent but I also remember being fifteen and thinking that Lars Ulrich was "the best drummer ever" and all I ever wanted to do was play like him. Idolizing a drummer like Travis Barker is only bad if it doesn't help you grow to appreciate other musicians, and types of music.

My interest in music and drumming didn't start with Metallica, but the Black album was a catalyst in my life. I remember listening to that cassette tape over and over (along with Bel Biv Devoe and Body Count) while mowing lawns during the summer. I fantasized about meeting the band and I remember what it felt like to have people challenge my opinion when I said they were my favorite band in the world. It's hard not to get riled when someone you revere is attacked by people who "just don't understand". My love of drumming evolved in a direction that lead me to jazz and afro-cuban drumming and percussion, but I will never deny that once I idolized someone to this extent. It's important to have role models in life, and as we grow we will always evolve our taste to include other role models.

So to all you kids who feel slighted or attacked by folks who just don't get it. Believe me we've all been there before. So keep listening to this guy if you love him, it's important for your growth as a drummer to stay inspired by who you feel is the greatest.
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