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Originally Posted by drummerboy147
To be honest i like Travis Barker. I enjoy Blink 182 even though they can hardly string a guitar line together but hey they're catchy! Im 13 and have only started drumming and although i like him, he is nothing special. I have heard many better, like Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy, Steve Gadd etc. but you can't say he has no skills, otherwise he wouldnt be where he is today.

Very well said, no grounds for idolising him, no grounds for bashing him. It's very easy to dismiss Travis, and the level of skill in his chops that he has attained , purely because the band he plays in is so rubbish and forgettable. That said, there's no denying he comes up with good parts and executes chop very skilfully. I dare say that he's a better drummer than anyone who's posted a bash on this thread. He's paid his dues to the greats and shedded like the best of them.
Definitely a good drummer to transcribe, this helps put into perspective exactly how involved some of his parts are.
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