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Originally Posted by the metal man
I love raymond's drumming and was soo totally into fear factory UNTILL i found out he uses triggers....that really turned me off. still, he is a great drummer his double bass is wicked and he has been a big influence to me.
I had this same mindset for long time when I was into Fear Factory back in high school. I thought to myself "Well, he can't actually DO it, otherwise he wouldn't need electronic help." At the time I was naive to what triggering actually way, and I thought he was triggering multiple hits for each bass drum stroke.

And then I saw him play live. And he can, in fact, play every note live. Triggering is simply a means for him to get his desired bass drum sound at his top speeds. Drum-Head gave an awesome explanation of the reason triggers are necessary for Ray's style.

And as a general note for this topic- at this point I can respect what Ray does on his kicks, but his hand work doesn't do anything for me. I was a Fear Factory fan for a very long time, and I've come to view him as a very limited player as far as his hand technique goes. I really think if he spent as much time on his hands as he obviously does on his feet he'd be an all-around exceptional player, but that's just what I would do if I were him. He plays the music he wants to play the way he wants to play it, and I fully respect that.
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