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Originally Posted by the metal man
I love raymond's drumming and was soo totally into fear factory UNTILL i found out he uses triggers....that really turned me off.
Pardon me but being turned off just because he uses triggers is a bit wierd in my opinion. It's impossible to play those things on the kicks, that fast, live or in the studio without them.

I've written this twice on the forum so I'll simply quote myself here:

The reason guys use triggers is because:

a) It's physically impossible to hit speeds from about 205-210 bpm+ 16ths and play them as "full strokes" on the kick. And even if one could pull off such an inhuman thing, he'd be very quickly having a visit to the hospital for knee surgury. If you pay attention to guys who play extreme styles you'll notice that acousticwise they're "tapping" the kick drums at those high speeds.

b) Conventional mics can not pic up signals at such speeds, there is too much air moving around in the kick drum so you'll get a crappy signal and the kick will not stand out in the mix. Triggers are the solution to this problem.

I personnally do not see triggers as "cheating"; it's just a choice and a necessity for certain musical situations.

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