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You gotta love Weckl. Before I went off to school, I thought he was amazing. I remember playing "Master Plan" for my mom in high school and telling her that he was the best drummer in the world...Period. (That was before I understood that there are best DRUMMERS--plural--in the world! Everyone has a voice, and so many are great...)

After going through 4 years of pretty intense study, I realized that Weckl was even better than I thought. But ironically, I think his technique often overshadows his musicality. A lot of drummers get hung up on his chops and miss out on his ability to musically speak through the drums.

My favorite work of his is when he backed up Michel Camilo on 1989's "On Fire" disc. He kills, and it made me want to understand that contemporary sound.

If you don't have that album, it's a must. Joel Rosenblatt and Smitty are on it, too, and it's excellent!
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