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Im gonna review this one, cause I have mentioned it a few times now and no seems to have heard of it, so I think more people should cause it's a GEM.


100 Tips For Drums, Mike Sturgis


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100 Tips For Drums is not what it sounds like at all. It's a heck of a lot more than just 100 tips. The information in this book is vast, it covers more areas than any other drum book I have came across. In otherwords for people who aint got a lot of money to be spending on drum tuition materia, this is the one for you.


It could easily be used by beginners, but I think the book is aimed drummers who have been playing by ear to a few rock songs who want to improve, but have no idea of how to do it. So really for drummers who have that fisrt big brick wall.


Tuition, Sanctury Piblishing


Im just gonna list what it covers from the start of the book to when it ends.

Practicing, The Click, Health Issues, Grip, Set up, Technique (hand and feet..including moller and fingers), Rudiments, Time Playing (this is adressed through the use of ostinatoes and reading text, so it sorts out your independence to), Paradidle Time playing, Swing (jazz/comping/independece), Brushes (jazz), Shuffles, Halftime Shuffles, Jazz/funk Shuffles, Second Line, Odd Times, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Reading, Drumset Vocabulary (linear stickings, doubles stops, stuff like that), Ostinato Soloing.

Now for the rest,

Drums sounds, Head selection, Tuning Techniques, Cymbal Selection, Electionics. In the studio, how to mic a drum kit, effects etc. Playing live setting up, monitoring etc.

All this is pretty comprehensive to, e.g. when he goes into latin, its not just one samba groove, its lots of sambas, and you understand how it all works. Everything is clearly explained and thier is lots of inspiring qotations from famous drummers to keep your morale up, and their is a CD to go along with it to boot.
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