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Originally Posted by doublebass
OK.Joey is good,hes got talent,hes fast.Theres a whole bunch of metal drummers who kick his ass not to mention drummaz like gadd or weckl lol.His sucks actually...BUT the guy is a showman,he did not do the solo to earn our(the drummer-world) apreciation.He does it to please the fourteen year old moshers who call him the best drummer of the world just cause all the drummers they know is jon dolmayan and jordison.So my point is that the guy does 50% music 50%showbuisness.I find it stupid to run 5hours a day to make your doublbass spped higher instead of practising
Who knows... maybe Joey will burn out playing metal, take lessons from Freddy Gruber and become a jazz player.

Stranger things have happened.
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