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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by Thomas Braas
You didn't had the time to fish in Utah...? dude.... I don't know how the fishing is in Utah, but fishing must be great, wherever you do it.... I don't like it, but Rick does, so maybe fishing is popular hobby... dude...
Actually Rick hates to fish. Iím a Golfer not a fisherman

I just know people love the Fishing, Skiing, & golfing in Utah (sometimes all in the same day)

I saw a drumhead signed by Billy at Backbeats drum shop in Salt Lake City, itís located kind-a by the mountain streams where the fish live. So I thought humÖ. Looks like maybe Billy was here.

And Iíve seen this clip of Billy fishing

So when everyone was welcoming him I thought I would ask if Billyís been fishing in Utah.

Donít ask me where the best fishing place is LOL, but if he wanted to go golfing thatís a different story

Rick W
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