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Originally Posted by Garvin
Phil. Why the change to Taye? I know all high end drums are gonna pretty much sound great. Just wondering cause I thought you use to play GMS , then Pearl. Do different companies approach you or are you approaching them?

Also, how can I get a copy of your new DVD here in the US? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Hi Garvin, you can only get the DVD through me! it's not in stores. I am thinking about a distribution deal but so far with the net, its going fine! If you go to my website just follow the products link and you can buy it there. I ship it to you right away, in a couple of days its at your door!:-)

The switch to Taye....its a veeeeeeery long story. Briefly....When I made the move to NY I found that my gear was not able to cut the scene out here, what I wanted was very different. In NY nobody cares if you're famous or have a million endorsements. If no one likes the sound you put don’t get called. it all starts with your gear. There is a definite "sound" in NY. I love that sound. I happen to love those Taye drums and the whole thing came together when I switched cymbal companies. I switched last year to a very very good company called Anatolian, based in Europe. The Anatolian distributor told Ray Ayotte I was changing everything and it snowballed from there. There has to be a mutual benefit between the people involved. When any of those factors don’t line up...the relationship is over. It was time for a new start on many levels so.... that’s how it happened in short form:-)
Usually either distributors contact me or the companies directly. Artist rep's or other drummers that are on the roster tell them about you and that’s how those things happen. Well for me anyway:-)
Live to play!
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