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Originally Posted by shuffle
Wow...Great to have you here !

I really want to congratulate you for your book "latin soloing for drumset".

There are so many exercises I worked on in that book. This is how I started to understand the relationship between cut-time and 6/8. Your control and feel on the demo CD is just so impressive.... I can't see the day where I'll be able to play the exercises as you do....
Wow thanks shuffle! It really means allot to me that you enjoy the book. As I mentioned in another response...that book took about 10 years to write. Tons of money to record and produce. Originally it was a Video so you can imagine!! The players on that made the whole thing just really come to life. Luis Conte, Abe Laborial, Billy Childs!! Thats only a few of the cats....WOW what a line up! I was very fortunate to have them.
My publisher wanted to make it a book. It really bummed me out at the time but ...oh well. We had no internet back then. Not good enough to distrubute the method so...I had to agree.
At the time I was exploring those concepts there was nothing to draw from. Except the music of course, but ways of explaining...exercises and the whole system...nothing. It took years and years to develop that method. Although the central action itself (the mixing of cut time and 6/8) is nothing new...there were no systems to develop this ways of explaning the phrasing. Especially for the western drummer, on a KIT! In researching material for that, I had the chance to speak with lots of people with a deep love for drumming - ethnomusicologists, (many specializing in African music) Historians and of course other musicians. I had to make sure that what I was saying was accurate and could be applied in a western setting. It was a great experience to write it. I learned so much by doing that. When i finally finished the whole thing and put it in a book, I took it to to one of the greatest teachers i know. Steve Houghton. He told this, put that there, take this out, say this like this and so on and so on.
it's amazing how much he helped in the layout and final touches. Its amazing how many people actually...take part on each project...the phases it goes through and the unbeleivable amount of time and care that goes into books and DVD's -

I look back on those days and I think ...boy I really stuck my neck out on this one! I was pretty nervous about it. But people loved it and the drumming community received it very very well.
Man...thank you again for checking it out. If you have any questions about it. I am happy to answer.
Best to you
Live to play!
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