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Tommy Igoe's Groove Essentials


Very interesting and useful.

Advanced beginner to advanced

Vic Firth

Tommy breaks down and demonstrates "47 grooves every serious drummer should know," in styles including rock, jazz, R&B, funk, latin, world, New Orleans 2nd line, etc. Then, for each, there are 2 tracks to play along with - slow and fast. There's so much variety on this DVD that I think anyone could learn something from it. But, it is an overview of lots of styles, so if you're looking to get really deep into any one style, this is not for you.

For me (probably intermediate level), I breezed through the first several grooves, but have found many that challenge me enough that it takes a week or more to really get down. And I've taken many ideas for techniques and styles I want to expand on. I think Tommy is a great teacher who breaks down each beat to its essential parts and makes it relatively easy to learn. Plus the poster it comes with has each beat notated, which really helps me.

For a beginner, I think many of the beats would be easier to learn if he started with simpler, similar beats that built up to the groove. I've had to make up exercises myself to help with some of the more complicated grooves. I've also heard this video criticized for not expanding enough on the grooves, but Tommy does "take liberties" with the grooves in the play along section, and again, if you're looking for depth in any area, this is not for you.

To summarize, for anyone looking to expand their playing or to experiment with different styles, this is a great DVD. For anyone looking to learn all about any given style, look elsewhere.
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