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Default Re: the "how" thread

Music- first band that got me into drums are pearl jam,nirvana,a perfect circle, foo fighters and a lot more rock bands then after that my drum teacher let me listen to some fusion anf funk stuffs like galactic,tower of power,the meters, james brown, chick corea and a lot more :), i enjoyed listening to them.
Drummer- dave grohl,taylor hawkins,chamberlain,chambers,gadd,,freese and a lot more Styles- i like playing funk rock its fun, and rnb, pop, alternative, hip hop, some jazz, different kinds of rock, ballad
Inspirations- the thing that inspires me to be better is all the drummers out there that plays with emotion, plays with finesse, plays consistently, someone that plays for the music, and also have some technical skills whether he is a famous drummer or not :)
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