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Originally Posted by TOMANO
First off, Gov't Mule is one of the most IMPORTANT, yet underrated bands working today. They are stellar performers and Warren is an incredible songwriter. I've had the pleasure to spend time with Matt, Warren & Woody in the late 90's on a couple of occasions. All down to earth, all very sincere people. Matt is extremely musical and his ability to push and pull time is uncanny. Great stuff.

you that's true i was playing a jazz gig at a high profile blues bar about five minuts walk from where gov't was to perform that evening and first the sound/ lighting crew cam in for a few pops and then I saw matt and few of the guys from the crew come in and matt was as cool a guy as any to talk with [I of course dig his slingerland kit over the pearl but hey]a memorable night for me in any event! cool dude!
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