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Default Re: Favourite Forum Member(s)

My favorite members are the "YOUNG GUNS". These are the young guys that make intelligent posts about music, drumming and life in general and don't use their youthful age as an excuse to act stupid:

(some others I'm forgetting?)

My second group of faves are the great players that I learn a lot from and who freely share technique and tips:

DerrickPope (but I forget his user ID, DJP?)
(some others I'm forgetting)

The final group I like is the "Old Guard". These are the old guys that have been out of drumming and have come back in after a long layoff, and really let us know how it is now compared to how it used to be (the good and the bad!) There are too many to name in this category, but they are all great because of the awesome level of diversity they bring.

And as much as I appear to come across as having disdain for these guys, I truly enjoy the youthful reckless types that come in here and bring the "crazy drummer" persona to the board. Although I never was nor will ever be like them, I appreciate their enthusiasm and over-the-top contributions to the board.

Of all these, my two favorite would have to JazzGregg. JazzGregg holds nothing back, and is a wealth of what if he hurts some feelings along the way? MattSmith is my runner-up, in that he is quite possibly the most intelligent writer on this board (and only a teenager still) AND he can back it up with his playing.

Cheers to everyone!
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