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I have always loved Alex's style and especially the huge customized Ludwig kits. Did you know that Alex actually started their career playing with a Tama Crystar "acrylic" drum outfit? Then eventually switched to Ludwig..Even though his main sets are Ludwig, he has used North Toms, even Straccotto toms as well just to give his kit a different sound plus the blend of a futuristic work. The octa-bons that he uses are very cool looking and sounding, were are made by Pearl. If you notice there is no Ludwig small classic lugs.
On ALEXS Black/White Pattern "F" Verical Bar Rainbow Vistalite set the you will notice a few of the larger drums (bass drums and few larger rack toms as you don't see the stripes on the inner side of the toms or bass drums) were coated with what they call Vibrafibing. It is a coating that help project the sound, reinforces the interior of the drum shell especiall when they have multiple seams like the Vertical Bar sets which I've repaired many from seam cracks and replacing several panels in various sized drums, it was design that was very attractive but it had some real problems with staying togather..I think they should have discarded it from production, but then, what other patterns could you have came up with? Some of the toms were originally double headed and some were not. I personally would like to know how they packed away those huge bass drums after a concert.
Alex uses a hammered brass and bronze 6.5"x14" Ludwig Supersensitive snare drum. He tunes it to what he calls the brown sound. Every drummer is different
Alex will always rock!!! - Don't knock the man - He is a musician not a superstar!!
Do you think it's easy comming up with different beats, solos, ect. for each new song or remember the older ones? Put yourself in his shoes. I don't think so....
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