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Originally Posted by Jon Cable
Just an observation; on all these 'reissue' Bonham kits the 14x10 tom is only on a snare stand, but when I've watched Moby Dick [repeatedly!!] JB seems to have the tom on a clamp AND with a snare stand!! Does that mean that the reissues AREN"T 'the kit that Bonzo played??
Just a thought.
Rest In Peace John, thought about you Sunday.
Originally he did not use the Rogers tom arm, it was an aftermarket sort of thing. Check the dvd, in the extras on disc 1, something like Danish radio. The tom is only mounted on a snare stand, but it keeps creeping fwd. He pulls it back a couple of times. He must have had the arm fitted to prevent this. Also, the ride tom on the re-issue kits is 14 x 12, which is the size Bonzo used with the natural maple set. The green sparkles and vistas had 14 x 10 toms. And of course he mounted a floor tom on his steel set!
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